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"I enjoy a new challenge" -  Maciej Łyko talks about how sommeliers prepare for their professional exams and why he decided to leave London and come back to Poland

The story of Maciej Łyko, one of the top Polish sommeliers and the winner of the 2019 Best Polish Sommelier competition, is a perfect example of how a lucky coincidence, hard work and persistence can totally change a professional career.

Gra winiarska - degustacja wina
Date of the event: 
Friday 3 July 2020

Zapraszamy na kolejną Grę Winiarską! To świetne połączenie degustacji z pewną dawką adrenaliny; można wiele się nauczyć, sprawdzić już posiadane wiadomości i co najważniejsze - jest wiele zabawy. Każdy z nas w końcu ma małą potrzebę rywalizacji. Trochę skupienia, potem ewentaulnie wymiana opinii z innymi osobami, degustacja - i zaczynami grę. Każdy ma możliwość zdobycia nagrody.

I Vini del Piemonte - interview with Nicola Argamante

On the 1st of June 2020, several wine producers from Piedmont, representing the organization I Vini del Piemonte, will host the first online tasting dedicated to the Polish wine industry. Wine importers, restaurant managers and specialist store owners are invited to join this strictly professional and very limited event. Guests will have the opportunity to taste wines from smaller, artisan wineries and to join B2B online meetings with those producers.

Weekend in Mad, Tokaj
Date of the event: 
Friday 14 August 2020 to Sunday 16 August 2020

Dear Travellers - due to Covid-19 situation and uncertain travelling restrictions, these dates can again vary, however please do safe the date and we will keep you informed!


Wine tasting -  South America vol. 1
Date of the event: 
Friday 5 June 2020

Beautiful selection of wines from South America is a great occasion to restart lwine tastings.  Short trip through wine regions of South America run in English by Izabela Kamińska, wine journalist and educator, author of Ale Wino show on YouTube.

Wine weekend in Młyn Klekotki (Mazurian Lake District)

We invited our befriended group of Wine Lovers  for a 2 day-weekend at the beautiful Hotel and SPA Resort called Młyn Klekotki in Mazuria region. The plan was to organize a perfect wine weekend escape and to show our guests this part of Poland: green, peaceful, dazzling with lakes. And Młyn Klekotki itself is a place worth visiting.

Wine bar to visit - Mielżyński Wine Spirits Specialties

One of the best wine bars in Warsaw, the place we all like to go back for an evening-out with friends or when looking for a professional wine store . They have two locations in Warsaw, each different in style, both based on the same concept: combination of a huge wine store with a bar/restaurant and a tasting room. My favourite location is undoubtedly the one on Burakowska street, occupying the left wing of the refurbished Old Lace Factory.