wine tasting

Wine match: France - Australia
Date of the event: 
Friday 25 November 2022

Come and join other Wine Lovers at the wine game tasting evening. We start this year's wine league with exciting clash France - Australia.

6 different wines, delicious appetizers adding more flavours to our evening.

Come and enjoy Friday evening, meeting old and making new friends,  traveling virtually through several wine regions.

Place: wine bar Republika Wina, ul. Ks. Skorupki 5, Warsaw

Autumn wine palette
Date of the event: 
Sunday 18 September 2022

Autumn is just round the corner, so why not meet on Sunday afternoon and discover a new wine palette? The tasting will be held in English by Stelian Stefan, a Romanian sommelier and great wine teller. The selection of 6 wines will be served with delicious appetizers prepared by the chef of Restauracja Akademia. Looking for an autumn wine inspiraiton?


Join us at restauracja Akademia, ul. 2/lok 61 (the corner with Puławska street). 

Travelling in Wineland – part 2:  People, wine, inspiration, changes

8 min read


As a professional and well-known wine journalist, Jørgen Aldrich has been invited to many wine regions. He has returned several times to Italy, France, Germany, and other countries, not just in Europe.

Postcard from Italy (part 1) - a wine tasting
Date of the event: 
Thursday 29 July 2021

Please join me on the short trip through Italian wine regions – I’m sure you will find the familiar flavours and hopefully a new inspiration as well. Our evening will be a combination of a blind tasting, a short quiz and a lively discussion. 

We will also serve a selection of appetizers.

In search of sparkling emeralds

This tricky phrase in Polish - Szukając szmaragdów (pronounced shoo-kay-ons sh-marag-dov) - could be a way of checking your ability to pronounce a tongue-twister. Or it could be a task for someone going on a planned or unexpected wine tour of Wachau, one of the most interesting wine regions in Austria. But it wouldn’t be an easy task. Not anymore at least, due to climate change.

Quicksands of Burgundy  (the event is for now postponed)
Date of the event: 
Thursday 5 November 2020

Join us at another interesting wine tasting - this time we will dive into Burgundy wine scene.

Strings of the Universe - what are biodynamic wines (wine tasting)
Date of the event: 
Friday 23 October 2020

Paweł Białęcki have decided to move strings of the Universe and check how the phases of moon influence vines. Is biodynamic wine growing a new paganism or scientifically ecological approach? Do biodynamic wines really taste better and can we feel the difference?

On the Sandomierz wine trail: Winnica Płochockich

I will always associate the name Płochoccy with a very good Zweigelt – it was the first Polish red wine which really surprised when I tried it a few years ago. That was a year of wine discoveries: single-variety Zweigelt wines, Polish wines in general and the first Polish red wine to suit my palate.

"I enjoy a new challenge" -  Maciej Łyko talks about how sommeliers prepare for their professional exams and why he decided to leave London and come back to Poland

The story of Maciej Łyko, one of the top Polish sommeliers and the winner of the 2019 Best Polish Sommelier competition, is a perfect example of how a lucky coincidence, hard work and persistence can totally change a professional career.

Gra winiarska - degustacja wina
Date of the event: 
Friday 3 July 2020

Zapraszamy na kolejną Grę Winiarską! To świetne połączenie degustacji z pewną dawką adrenaliny; można wiele się nauczyć, sprawdzić już posiadane wiadomości i co najważniejsze - jest wiele zabawy. Każdy z nas w końcu ma małą potrzebę rywalizacji. Trochę skupienia, potem ewentaulnie wymiana opinii z innymi osobami, degustacja - i zaczynami grę. Każdy ma możliwość zdobycia nagrody.