Travelling in Wineland – part 2:  People, wine, inspiration, changes

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As a professional and well-known wine journalist, Jørgen Aldrich has been invited to many wine regions. He has returned several times to Italy, France, Germany, and other countries, not just in Europe.

Flirting with Barbera

The first morning in Piedmont started in a tourist-mode, with a short visit to Monforte d’Alba, where together with Danish journalist and editor Jørgen Aldrich, we were enjoying a late spring morning waiting for the other wine-writers to arrive. After several months of isolation and limited travelling opportunities being able to enjoy this coffee at leisure al fresco in a small Italian town felt like a return to the old reality.

Gra winiarska - degustacja wina
Date of the event: 
Friday 3 July 2020

Zapraszamy na kolejną Grę Winiarską! To świetne połączenie degustacji z pewną dawką adrenaliny; można wiele się nauczyć, sprawdzić już posiadane wiadomości i co najważniejsze - jest wiele zabawy. Każdy z nas w końcu ma małą potrzebę rywalizacji. Trochę skupienia, potem ewentaulnie wymiana opinii z innymi osobami, degustacja - i zaczynami grę. Każdy ma możliwość zdobycia nagrody.

I Vini del Piemonte - interview with Nicola Argamante

On the 1st of June 2020, several wine producers from Piedmont, representing the organization I Vini del Piemonte, will host the first online tasting dedicated to the Polish wine industry. Wine importers, restaurant managers and specialist store owners are invited to join this strictly professional and very limited event. Guests will have the opportunity to taste wines from smaller, artisan wineries and to join B2B online meetings with those producers.

Babylonstoren - beauty and complexity of a wine farm

First impression when you reach Babylonstoren – is this a paradise on earth? Babylonstoren is one of the oldest Dutch Farms located between Franschhoek and Stellenbosch in the Cape Winelands, South Africa. This place is so much more than a wine estate or a farm. It's a concept, a philosophy of healthy life style, a place to spend few hours or even days, depend if you just come there for a lunch, shopping, wine tasting or to stay at their luxury hotel.

Wine bar to visit - Mielżyński Wine Spirits Specialties

One of the best wine bars in Warsaw, the place we all like to go back for an evening-out with friends or when looking for a professional wine store . They have two locations in Warsaw, each different in style, both based on the same concept: combination of a huge wine store with a bar/restaurant and a tasting room. My favourite location is undoubtedly the one on Burakowska street, occupying the left wing of the refurbished Old Lace Factory.