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International Champagne Day - 23/10/2020

This year, the International Champagne Day is on the 23rd of October.

For those who love Champagne and for the beginners, please enjoy few facts and funny information about this wine.

Quicksands of Burgundy  (the event is for now postponed)
Date of the event: 
Thursday 5 November 2020

Join us at another interesting wine tasting - this time we will dive into Burgundy wine scene.

Classic or wild - discover French white wines
Date of the event: 
Saturday 26 September 2020

Join us and find your favourite style of French wine made of white grape varieties. Paweł Białęcki, the wine consultant, trainer of WSET courses and experienced sommelier, will take us on short journey around French wine scene. Classical style vs searching for new, more natural and sustainable approach.

White wines - weekly recommendations - part 1

Spring make us interested more in white and rosé wines, lighter, aromatic, but mineral - matching better with increasing temperature.  

Our weekly recommendations:

Encruzado  from the wine estate Quinta da Falorca, located in Dão in Portugal. Importerd to Poland by Winemates.