On the Sandomierz wine trail: Winnica Płochockich

I will always associate the name Płochoccy with a very good Zweigelt – it was the first Polish red wine which really surprised when I tried it a few years ago. That was a year of wine discoveries: single-variety Zweigelt wines, Polish wines in general and the first Polish red wine to suit my palate.

Wina pomarańczowe - degustacja
Date of the event: 
Thursday 17 September 2020

Wina pomarańczowe, czyli orange albo amber wines. Jak się je robi? Ile odcieni może mieć kolor pomarańczowy? Dlaczego uwielbiają te wina sommelierzy?
O tym wszystkim opowie nam Izabela Kamińska, która prywatnie jest wielbicielką win pomarańczowych i wybrała dla Was świetną selekcję tych win.
Będziemy degustować 5 winn pomarańczowych z rożnych regionów winiarskich.

 It all started from us drinking wine together … - an interesting and funny interview with Nestor Kościański, winemaker and owner of Winnica Moderna

Winnica Moderna. Why the name Moderna? Apparently, the name of the winery came from a passion for modernism – the architectural style - shared by Nestor Kościański and two women, Nestor’s wife and his associate, who both happen to have the same first name: Katarzyna (or Kasia for short).

"I enjoy a new challenge" -  Maciej Łyko talks about how sommeliers prepare for their professional exams and why he decided to leave London and come back to Poland

The story of Maciej Łyko, one of the top Polish sommeliers and the winner of the 2019 Best Polish Sommelier competition, is a perfect example of how a lucky coincidence, hard work and persistence can totally change a professional career.

Taste Italy - off the beaten track

Two years ago I've met at the WineExpo a group of Italian sales representatives who decided to create a project called