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Anna Kruszczyńska, zdjęcia Stories Uncorked i Anna Pławińska
Autumn tasting at Kamil Barczentewicz's winery
There is something magical about visiting vineyards in the late summer or autumn when the vine bushes are shimmering with the colours of the leaves and the ripe grapes. On the way to Dobre near Kazimierz Dolny, where Kamil Barczentewicz's vineyard is located, we pass some small hills where meadows and forests sparkle with all of the colours of the autumn palette. In some villages, houses made of the local white stone form a coherent, attractive whole, as Michał Sobieszuk, our guide, points out. The winery created by the Barczentewicz family is well designed and visually appealing. Built of...
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Anna Kruszczynska
Travelling in Wineland – part 2:  People, wine, inspiration, changes
8 min read   As a professional and well-known wine journalist, Jørgen Aldrich has been invited to many wine regions. He has returned several times to Italy, France, Germany, and other countries, not just in Europe. Jørgen – My daily work changed in 1979 when I became a foreign editor and my main responsibility was to build a team of freelance correspondents, which also included travelling abroad and writing editorials. That, of course, gave me an opportunity to broaden the perspective of my wine column. For instance, I was invited to Israel for a press tour for foreign editors,...
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Anna Kruszczynska: an interview with Danish journalist Jørgen Aldrich
Travelling in Wineland – part 1: Writing about wine
(5-6 min read)   Wine. It’s a fascinating subject to learn and write about. In the era of social media, it seems quite easy to have a text published on various wine sites and shared on social media and thereby reach lots of readers all over the globe. But free and easy access makes it more difficult to differentiate one’s text from articles written by other wine writers, professionals, and amateurs. Some published texts are highly informative, based on in-depth knowledge, while other texts are lighter, focusing more on the promotion of a place or wine than on technical details....
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Anna Kruszczynska
Flirting with Barbera
The first morning in Piedmont started in a tourist-mode, with a short visit to Monforte d’Alba, where together with Danish journalist and editor Jørgen Aldrich, we were enjoying a late spring morning waiting for the other wine-writers to arrive. After several months of isolation and limited travelling opportunities being able to enjoy this coffee at leisure al fresco in a small Italian town felt like a return to the old reality. Close your eyes and you could hear the melodic sound of the chatty Italians sitting next to us, smell the unmistakable aroma of espresso and enjoy the flavour of...
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Anna Kruszczynska
Piedmont: time for whites - Timorasso
What are your first memories of travelling through Italy? Mine are of the hills and valleys, navigating narrow and very winding roads, somehow always going up. And although the hills and valleys may be smaller or deeper depending on the region, where I usually go the countryside is covered with vineyards – this view never gets boring, especially when you can spot a small village sitting on steep slope between the vines or a medieval castle flashing between the trees. For most of us, when we think about Piedmont wines, what comes to mind straight away are the aromas of the famous local reds...
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Paweł Białęcki (translation Anna Kruszczyńska)
Tradition and change - still wines from Champagne
    Louis Roederer, one of the most well-known and prestigious champagne producers in the world has decided to release still wine this year – and not just one still wine, but two. One white and one red. ‘Hommage à Camille’, as this series of wines is called, includes a Chardonnay and a Pinot Noir and is in honour of Camille Olry-Roederer, the great-grand mother of Frédérica Rouzaud, the present owner of the Louis Roederer Champagne House. The wines were made from grapes that come from Grand Cru vineyards: The Pinot Noir grapes are harvested in Charmont lieu-dit in...

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