Wine match: France - Australia
Date of the event: 
Friday 25 November 2022

Come and join other Wine Lovers at the wine game tasting evening. We start this year's wine league with exciting clash France - Australia.

6 different wines, delicious appetizers adding more flavours to our evening.

Come and enjoy Friday evening, meeting old and making new friends,  traveling virtually through several wine regions.

Place: wine bar Republika Wina, ul. Ks. Skorupki 5, Warsaw

Walking through vineyards of Aÿ (Champagne region, France)

A walk in the vineyards of Aÿ last weekend. The Larmat’s map of the vineyards of la Vallée de la Marne in my hand, the green ‘sea’ of vines stretching to the horizon, the sun peeking out from behind the clouds...