Paweł Białęcki

In search of sparkling emeralds

This tricky phrase in Polish - Szukając szmaragdów (pronounced shoo-kay-ons sh-marag-dov) - could be a way of checking your ability to pronounce a tongue-twister. Or it could be a task for someone going on a planned or unexpected wine tour of Wachau, one of the most interesting wine regions in Austria. But it wouldn’t be an easy task. Not anymore at least, due to climate change.

Quicksands of Burgundy  (the event is for now postponed)
Date of the event: 
Thursday 5 November 2020

Join us at another interesting wine tasting - this time we will dive into Burgundy wine scene.

Strings of the Universe - what are biodynamic wines (wine tasting)
Date of the event: 
Friday 23 October 2020

Paweł Białęcki have decided to move strings of the Universe and check how the phases of moon influence vines. Is biodynamic wine growing a new paganism or scientifically ecological approach? Do biodynamic wines really taste better and can we feel the difference?

Classic or wild - discover French white wines
Date of the event: 
Saturday 26 September 2020

Join us and find your favourite style of French wine made of white grape varieties. Paweł Białęcki, the wine consultant, trainer of WSET courses and experienced sommelier, will take us on short journey around French wine scene. Classical style vs searching for new, more natural and sustainable approach.