Quicksands of Burgundy (the event is for now postponed)

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Quicksands of Burgundy  (the event is for now postponed)

Join us at another interesting wine tasting - this time we will dive into Burgundy wine scene.

Why wines from Burgundy are considered so amazing and close to perfection that so many people are ready to pay for a bottle a small fortune? Why many wine critics love them?Who run the wine market, how old are the wine dynasties in Burgundy? All this questions will be discussed with Paweł Białęcki, the wine consultant and experienced sommelier, who will held the tasting in Polish and in English.

Our guests will have an oportunity to order wines presented during the tasting, or possibly buy most of them just after the tasting.

Due to the current restrictions, the number of places is very limited *.

The location will be announced 4 days before the wine tasting.



* We reserve the right to change the date of the wine tasting in case there won't be at least 8 people interested to join, or if the rules for organizing events will changed again. In this case, all payments will be refunded within 3 business days.



Event in Polish and English
5 November, 2020 - 18:45
Wine specialist: 
Paweł Białęcki
180,00 zł
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