Written by:
Anna Kruszczynska
Flirting with Barbera
The first morning in Piedmont started in a tourist-mode, with a short visit to Monforte d’Alba, where together with Danish journalist and editor Jørgen Aldrich, we were enjoying a late spring morning waiting for the other wine-writers to arrive. After several months of isolation and limited travelling opportunities being able to enjoy this coffee at leisure al fresco in a small Italian town felt like a return to the old reality. Close your eyes and you could hear the melodic sound of the chatty Italians sitting next to us, smell the unmistakable aroma of espresso and enjoy the flavour of...
Written by:
Anna Kruszczynska
Piedmont: time for whites - Timorasso
What are your first memories of travelling through Italy? Mine are of the hills and valleys, navigating narrow and very winding roads, somehow always going up. And although the hills and valleys may be smaller or deeper depending on the region, where I usually go the countryside is covered with vineyards – this view never gets boring, especially when you can spot a small village sitting on steep slope between the vines or a medieval castle flashing between the trees. For most of us, when we think about Piedmont wines, what comes to mind straight away are the aromas of the famous local reds...
Written by:
Paweł Białęcki (translation Anna Kruszczyńska)
Tradition and change - still wines from Champagne
    Louis Roederer, one of the most well-known and prestigious champagne producers in the world has decided to release still wine this year – and not just one still wine, but two. One white and one red. ‘Hommage à Camille’, as this series of wines is called, includes a Chardonnay and a Pinot Noir and is in honour of Camille Olry-Roederer, the great-grand mother of Frédérica Rouzaud, the present owner of the Louis Roederer Champagne House. The wines were made from grapes that come from Grand Cru vineyards: The Pinot Noir grapes are harvested in Charmont lieu-dit in...
Written by:
Paweł Białęcki
In search of sparkling emeralds
This tricky phrase in Polish - Szukając szmaragdów (pronounced shoo-kay-ons sh-marag-dov) - could be a way of checking your ability to pronounce a tongue-twister. Or it could be a task for someone going on a planned or unexpected wine tour of Wachau, one of the most interesting wine regions in Austria. But it wouldn’t be an easy task. Not anymore at least, due to climate change. For some, “global warming” has become a very popular slogan recently, while others use it as an ideological picket; and some people even base their conspiracy theories on it – especially fans of Alex Jones* who see...
Written by:
Anna Kruszczyńska
On the Sandomierz wine trail: Winnica Płochockich
I will always associate the name Płochoccy with a very good Zweigelt – it was the first Polish red wine which really surprised when I tried it a few years ago. That was a year of wine discoveries: single-variety Zweigelt wines, Polish wines in general and the first Polish red wine to suit my palate. When I started to plan the list of vineyards I’d like to visit on our whistle-stop weekend wine tour in the Sandomierz region, I immediately placed the Płochoccy Vineyard at the end of Saturday as a kind of complement to the first day of tasting. As the second commercial vineyard...
Written by:
Anna Kruszczyńska, zdjęcia własne i autorstwa Anny Pławińskiej
 It all started from us drinking wine together … - an interesting and funny interview with Nestor Kościański, winemaker and owner of Winnica Moderna
Winnica Moderna. Why the name Moderna? Apparently, the name of the winery came from a passion for modernism – the architectural style - shared by Nestor Kościański and two women, Nestor’s wife and his associate, who both happen to have the same first name: Katarzyna (or Kasia for short). What’s more, all the labels also express this interest in modernism and the buildings we can see on the wine labels were inspired by interesting examples of this architectural style that Nestor and both Kasias observed during their walks through the city of Wrocław. We met Nestor in his vineyard on a hot...

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